Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Crochet Post!

It's New Year's Eve, so this might be a little shorty post. Our working plan here is to update twice a week, with each of us updating once a week each. I've graduated from my undergraduate program and working full-time in the new year, so hopefully that will leave my evenings free to do that.

It's been busy times, so we haven't updated much recently. That will be changing, hopefully. Anyway, as you see in the previous post, I made Nekoyumi a cat for Christmas. She made me a bunch of sweet stuff, as you will soon see, but I just thought I should say that the pattern is from Nekoyama's book "Hello My Name Is Amineko" and it is excellent. I like that book a bunch.

Owl Mug Cozy

This is an owl mug cozy that Nekoyumi made for me for Christmas. It keeps the stuff inside warm, though, admittedly, most of the heat is lost out the top, not the sides. It is still cute, and it keeps me from burning myself on the hot mug. My favourite part is the beak, and the little +-shaped feet.

Carrot Scarf Carrot Scarf

Nekoyumi made me a carrot-shaped scarf as well. It's nice and long, and very warm. I like it a lot, especially the leaves. They're pretty great to play with. I'm not sure how she did them, but they're like a thick rope/cord, I guess. I've been wearing it out and about over the last couple of days, and it keeps the wind off nicely. The other handmade scarves I have are all triple crochet, so the holes in them let the wind in more than I would like.

DS Case DS Case in use

The DSi case that Nekoyumi made me is purple, my favourite colour, with green inside. There are also felt pockets for me to put my games in. It's very squishy, and has snap closures. My previous DSi case was just a canvas Hetalia (Finland) pencil case thing that, while neat, offered very little as far as protection goes. I spilled hot chocolate on it or something, and it's all stained now. I am very glad to have this case for many reasons.

I didn't take pictures of the gifts I made my family, sadly. I will have to do that when I visit in a few weeks. I made my mum a cactus using the first pattern on this page, and I am pleased with how it turned out. I sewed tiny black beads on the ridges as needles, and I think it looks great. I also made her a red-with-white-spots mushroom that I based off of this pattern, but altered it slightly. For my sisters, I made bag-things that they can put change or makeup or something in. The lining was a pain to sew. I'll have to post it later, I guess.


Blue Mushroom Unfinished Eggplant Bird

Above are a blue mushroom that I made a while ago using the pattern I liked above. The eggplant-penguin was an idea that Nekoyumi had that I kind of took and ran with. I'm pleased with the stem, but she thinks that the leaves should be attached to the head better. Maybe next time?

... this didn't turn out to be a shorty post at all. Happy New Year, everyone!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas was here!

So, Christmas has already come and gone, as well as the end of the last semester of school. Even with finals (which were EXHAUSTING)over, I was still super busy making presents for everyone! I will leave K's presents for him to show you when he next updates. But here is what I gave/made for everyone else!

PLEASE EXCUSE THE AWFUL QUALITY OF THESE PHOTOS. I didn't feel like trying very hard since they aren't for the shop.

For my mom, and eventually for my aunts (haven't sent the package yet), I gave/will give things from our stash of preserved things (most of our stash is pictured here). Some things I gave include sour cherry jam, corn relish, pickled beets, and blackberry jam. Not pictured are watermelon rind pickles I made for my grandpa. My dad's wife also got pickled beets, plus the recipe. Her mother, who is visiting from California, got a jar of spiced cranberry jam. She loves it a bunch, and I've given some to her almost every time I've seen her since I started making and canning it.
Jams, preserves, etc.
My dad and I split the cost of a preserving book for his wife.

For my dad, I bought a couple things. I also made him an amigurumi version of the coffee cup from the Excel gum commercial.
Coffee cup

For my dad's toddler, I made a cat hat. He likes cats a bunch, so maybe he will actually like wearing his hat if it makes him look like a cat?
Cat hat

For our friend, we got another copy of the preserving book we like, and I made her a tiny gingerbread man/girl ornament/brooch from a free pattern/tutorial on Berrysprite's blog. (I sewed a brooch back to it so she could wear it c:).
I also made her a ninja turtle mug warmer. I think I must have left a row out of his bandana or something, but I didn't notice until the VERY end of sewing all the bits on! So it sort of looks like he's wearing glasses.
Leonardo Ninja Turtle Mug Cozy

So that is all, save for K's gifts. But I will show you what he got/made me!
He crocheted me an amineko, and bought me pomegranate jelly, a blue compact umbrella (not pictured), and a super cute mug from Daiso.
Christmas gifts
I took a lot of photos of the amineko... His name is Columbus!
Columbus the amineko
I got some things from other people too. A super cute wreath from my dad's wife and her mom (picture below), a breadmaker and 10kg bag of flour from my dad, and some other things from him, relatives, and K's mum.... Oh, my dad also got me an Old Navy gift card. I bought a new winter jacket and hoodie with it today for super cheap! I love boxing day sales!
Yarn wreath

K got some pretty sweet gifts too, but I am really happy with what I got.

I will post photos of other things I've been working on next week (like things actually related to the shop!). For now, I will leave you with photos of our tiny Christmas tree!
Tiny Christmas tree

P.S. All photos from now own will be brought to you by Cutieshack's new flickr account! Check it out often for extra photos of what we're working on, both merchandise and non-merchandise!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm soooo sorrry bloggy.

I promise I will update soon. I have lots of photos and creations to share! Just one more exam (tomorrow) to go, and then I am free... for three weeks...

I am planning to make more time for blogging next semester. Like, seriously dedicating some of my time.

For now, here is a link to a contest at one of my favourite Mori-girl blogs, Vanillery.

See you soon, little bloggy.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

No more Artfire shop...

So Artfire has decided to "upgrade" all the shops on their site to the fancy account you have to pay for... As in, no more free shop. K and I have decided to switch exclusively to etsy, but haven't had the time to actually move things over yet, so our etsy shop is still empty and boring. It may be a bit yet until we do that, between being in Seattle currently (surprise!), my laptop dying completely (again!) and the Fall semester starting as soon as we get back home. Soooo... keep an eye out and thank you for being patient with us! :D

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Long time no post.

I just moved in with K, so I haven't had much time to post about anything or even work on anything...

I have, however, just finished something I've wanted to make for a while...

It has something to do with chickens and pudding..... Hehehe....

Will post photos soon.

For now... something cute: Otters!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Finally updated!

New items in the shop!

Here are some photos that are shown in the shop, as well as some outtakes/behind the scenes/me playing with the dolls in my plants!

Firstly, an itty bitty fuzzy pink bunny! I think he may be my favourite, but I am tempted to make another one without limbs... Like a weird pink bunny-bean!
He is only 4.5 inches/11cm <3
A close up on the embroidered face....
A slightly larger, but still small bunny. Originally, I was going to make ice cream bunnies with ice cream melting down their heads, but it didn't look right. So they are just two-colour bunnies!
He is only around 7 inches, or 18cm.
You can wiggle his arms...
And he has a tiny pink tail!
A larger icecream-inspired bunny! I couldn't decide if I like his collar or not, so I didn't attach it...

In the tomato-seedling jungle!!
Sadly, my tomato seedlings are only as tall as him... about 9 inches, or 23cm.
Not for sale until I get alligator clips, but here is a preview of a sprinkled-bow! I will be makind different varieties of sprinkled bows soon... Including pastel seed bead sprinkles and pearl sprinkles!
And here is a mint scrubby... I am not sure if anyone would buy this. Would you?
It isn't bleachable because of the coloured yarn... But I have been using one on my face for exfoliation. It works pretty well, but is also rough enough to use as dishes.... K said people wouldn't use dish scrubbies on their faces or vice versa, but I think this really works for both! Not that you would use the -same one- on both... Ew...
.. a cute little crooked-mouthed jellyfish. I made one of these at Con-G, and it sold almost right away. So cute and tiny! Only 1.5 inches/4.5cm across!!
A cookie brooch with a bow and pearls..
And a smaller cookie brooch with pearls. I have not put this one up for sale yet because I want to add a hairclip, too.... should I?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS. Until I build up lots of new things again...

And another...

So after discovering it yesterday, I have been reading Homegrown Simplicity's blog, and found out she is having another simultaneous giveaway! That is also REALLY EXCITING!

I am moving in with K soon (would have been earlier, except a housemate of his needed to stay for some of the summer). I really like the idea of making my own cleaners, because...
  • They are usually made out of things around the house, so I can make and use them whenever I need to instead of waiting for someone to run to the store.
  • They are less full of carcinogens (yay!)
  • I have skin allergies that make me afraid to touch cleaners sometimes... as well as to use them...
  • It is just nice being able to make your own things :D

So anyways. If you couldn't tell from everything I just said, she is giving away a few things to do with homemade cleaners! I think I love this woman!

Man. Our non-existent followers must not trust me now. I have promised a real update for so long, but keep getting distracted! Ach!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

While you wait for a real update....

You may not know this about K and I, but we love canning...

So when I found out that reusable canning lids existed today, I nearly cried with excitement!

And then my mum showed me this sweet giveaway at Homegrown Simplicity! Not only do I find this blog amazing, but she is giving away some of the reusable lids I found! So you better believe I am entering every way that I can!!! (/*A*)/

So excited...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Update soon!

I have been working on a few things and will be posting photos of them soon! As soon as the sun comes back and I can take some semi-decent photos...

A hint of what's to come: BUNNIES.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I've been making things, but I've been sick for about a week now. My brain feels like it's going to pop out my eye sockets.

Things are progressing slowly, as they always seem to with me. Things to come.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Horrible Frog Creature

 I said I was here, so here I am. I've been very busy, sadly, which kind of slows the make-cute-things down. That being said, I've been making this Horrible Frog Creature for a little while. I made the head before I made the body, so it turned out a bit weird. In the future, I think I'm going to make the body before the head, unless I'm working from a pattern.

The main problem was I tried to do something I'd never tried before, kind of spur-of-the-moment. I tried chaining a few off the last row of a leg, then attaching it to the other leg, and continuing to make the legs and torso all one bit. The process can sort of be seen in this video, which is where I got the idea. Or rather, Nekoyumi showed me this video, I went "WHOA WHAT'S GOING ON THERE" and she explained it to me.

Anyway, I'm probably going to remove his head, make a new one, and save that one for something tinier. We'll see. I'll probably post the results. Also man this thing is lumpy.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mint x Pink!

So I have been working with my mint coloured yarn a bunch today and yesterday. Maybe I will post photos of what I am working on soon.... with my super cool ghetto light tent I made with Violet's guest tutorial! I kind of failed at closing the gaps between the paper, though, so there are streaks of light I have to avoid when shooting...

Also, I only had normal 9"x11" printer paper, so it's kind of tiny... Oh well! It's better than nothing!

(10 minutes later...)

I lied!
I feel weird not posting pictures of anything.
Maybe that's because photos are my favourite parts of peoples' blogs?

Firstly, an itty bitty mint jellyfish.... I haven't put his face on yet. I also forgot to squish his head into a normal shape before photographing him. :/

Aaand a pink and mint bow! I have to say, this is one of my favourite colour combos. I can't decide what to do with it though. Brooch? Hair clip? And should I put sprinkles on it? Pom poms?
(Not gonna lie, my pom-pom addiction is definitely caused by looking at Twinkie Chan's adorable crochet stuff... I am definitely regretting not buying this huge bag of pastel pom poms I saw at Michael's a few months ago.)

My cat Luna is twitching in her sleep... She is so cute!


P.S. Really need to get on prettyin' this blog up, huh?

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Cutieshack blog!

It's not pretty yet, but it's here! Cutieshack's own blog! If you don't know what Cutieshack is, check us out at We are a team of two that sell cute handmade things like hairclips, stuffed animals, crocheted food, and keychains. Hop on by!

And for now, please enjoy this felt pudding! Perhaps more will be made for the Cutieshack shop?
I made this for my brother a couple of years ago. There is a pinback on the bottom so he could pin it to his shoulder....


I'm here too, I promise.