Thursday, 7 July 2011

Finally updated!

New items in the shop!

Here are some photos that are shown in the shop, as well as some outtakes/behind the scenes/me playing with the dolls in my plants!

Firstly, an itty bitty fuzzy pink bunny! I think he may be my favourite, but I am tempted to make another one without limbs... Like a weird pink bunny-bean!
He is only 4.5 inches/11cm <3
A close up on the embroidered face....
A slightly larger, but still small bunny. Originally, I was going to make ice cream bunnies with ice cream melting down their heads, but it didn't look right. So they are just two-colour bunnies!
He is only around 7 inches, or 18cm.
You can wiggle his arms...
And he has a tiny pink tail!
A larger icecream-inspired bunny! I couldn't decide if I like his collar or not, so I didn't attach it...

In the tomato-seedling jungle!!
Sadly, my tomato seedlings are only as tall as him... about 9 inches, or 23cm.
Not for sale until I get alligator clips, but here is a preview of a sprinkled-bow! I will be makind different varieties of sprinkled bows soon... Including pastel seed bead sprinkles and pearl sprinkles!
And here is a mint scrubby... I am not sure if anyone would buy this. Would you?
It isn't bleachable because of the coloured yarn... But I have been using one on my face for exfoliation. It works pretty well, but is also rough enough to use as dishes.... K said people wouldn't use dish scrubbies on their faces or vice versa, but I think this really works for both! Not that you would use the -same one- on both... Ew...
.. a cute little crooked-mouthed jellyfish. I made one of these at Con-G, and it sold almost right away. So cute and tiny! Only 1.5 inches/4.5cm across!!
A cookie brooch with a bow and pearls..
And a smaller cookie brooch with pearls. I have not put this one up for sale yet because I want to add a hairclip, too.... should I?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS. Until I build up lots of new things again...

And another...

So after discovering it yesterday, I have been reading Homegrown Simplicity's blog, and found out she is having another simultaneous giveaway! That is also REALLY EXCITING!

I am moving in with K soon (would have been earlier, except a housemate of his needed to stay for some of the summer). I really like the idea of making my own cleaners, because...
  • They are usually made out of things around the house, so I can make and use them whenever I need to instead of waiting for someone to run to the store.
  • They are less full of carcinogens (yay!)
  • I have skin allergies that make me afraid to touch cleaners sometimes... as well as to use them...
  • It is just nice being able to make your own things :D

So anyways. If you couldn't tell from everything I just said, she is giving away a few things to do with homemade cleaners! I think I love this woman!

Man. Our non-existent followers must not trust me now. I have promised a real update for so long, but keep getting distracted! Ach!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

While you wait for a real update....

You may not know this about K and I, but we love canning...

So when I found out that reusable canning lids existed today, I nearly cried with excitement!

And then my mum showed me this sweet giveaway at Homegrown Simplicity! Not only do I find this blog amazing, but she is giving away some of the reusable lids I found! So you better believe I am entering every way that I can!!! (/*A*)/

So excited...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Update soon!

I have been working on a few things and will be posting photos of them soon! As soon as the sun comes back and I can take some semi-decent photos...

A hint of what's to come: BUNNIES.