Friday, 12 April 2013

April Ice Storm


    We've had an ice storm in the city where B and I live. It wasn't particularly destructive, though the ice on the power lines caused power outages in a few areas and some small tree branches came down. It started yesterday, and continued until at least 5am today (I had a bit of a late night). Everything was coated in about 1cm of ice.

    It's warmed up a bit today (sitting at around 3 degrees C), so the ice has started to melt and drop off of whatever it had previously been stuck to. Trees are surrounded in bits of broken ice. Underneath the power lines are inch-long U-shaped bits of ice in straight lines that had obviously fallen from above.

    It certainly is pretty.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring Update Post

Hello, beautiful people!

    It's been far too long. Here are some things I've done.

    I finally finished that tortoise that I started a while ago. If I had to redo it, I'd make the top half of the shell larger than the bottom half, so that I didn't have to attach the limbs flat. They flop around like that, though, so I guess it's cute. I also sewed the limbs onto the bottom before attaching the top, so the one round on the outside kind of curls under (you can see that in the above photo, sort of. It's the cream part on the bottom.). Next time I'm going to sew them to the top and attach the bottom, so it makes a little ridge thing.

oh hi

    I also made a cat.

    I'm pretty places with how it turned out. I used a pattern that I've used before, but I was much worse at crocheting last time I attempted it, so it turned into a weird monkey-rat thing. I also used a slightly different method of doing the muzzle and ears, which I think are a vast improvement.

Also it can stand, because of the tail.

Best friends.

Cutieshack will also be at Con Bravo and, possibly, Atomic Lollipop this summer. More news as events warrant.

That's all for now.