Monday, 30 July 2012


Greetings, fellow humans!

Emboldened by my pattern-free squid creation, I have made two (but similar) chubby animals without a pattern! They are based, in part, on animals that B's made in the past, so I can't take all the credit. Also, she helped me with the faces, since I am still not-good at those.


LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE THING. I am occasionally very happy with how things turn out. Now is one of those times. His mouth was originally a little (very) crooked, so now he has a permanent frown. Also, I liked the way the squid tentacles turned out unstuffed, so his arms and legs are unstuffed. B made fun of it, saying his arms were like fettuccine, but I still like it. He is doing the wave in this picture.


Anyway, I also made a bunny that I am also pleased with. Their bodies are both fairly pear-shaped, which I really like, but it makes their necks a bit floppy. Maybe I'll make the neck a bit bigger next time.

I'm not really sure what to say here. Here is a bunny near an acorn squash plant. I stuffed her arms and legs at B's suggestion/mockery, and they are slightly shorter than the bear's. Other than that, the patterns are (fairly) identical. I am pleased with this bunny as well.




Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It's about time for another post. (Featuring Hine)

I've been meaning to do two blog posts recently; One of all the random things I've been making for myself, and one for my current secret project.

For the random things, however, I have to actually take photos of them.... I've been super busy lately, so that just hasn't been happening.

For the secret project, I wanted to work on it a bit more before blogging about it. But again! I've been so busy doing other things, I haven't had time to work on that project.

I will get around to both of those posts eventually. But for now, I just want to talk about some random things.

Last weekend was K's mum's birthday, so we were gone all weekend. I crocheted her a violet flower brooch for part of her present from a DROPS pattern. I suffered from K-syndrome, however, and forgot to take any photos of it, so I will have to post photos of it later. I made it purple, and put a yellow felt backing on it for the pin to attach to. I also sewed one small pearl in the middle, where all the petals meet. I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out, and might have to make one for myself! (Though, I don't really want to sell them. I like presents for people being one-of-a-kinds)

Lately, I've been enamoured with Hine's photostream on Flickr. Her needle felting is just.. amazing! And she is amazingly creative.. The things she makes are just SO CUTE.  I've never needle felted, myself, but I've always wanted to. It's a bit intimidating because of the skill you need. But Hine gets all of her felt so smooth and beautiful looking! She's definitely very inspiring. My favourite felt creation of hers so far is her ectoplasm.

She is also a little bit obsessed with squids. I can get behind that! They are so cute! Maybe K's squid can be friends with her little felt ones?

She also sews things, like camera and cell phone cases. The best part is, she makes them look like different cameras and phones. If I had the money, I would definitely buy one! (They're a bit expensive, but definitely worth is for something so cute and meticulously hand sewn).

That's all for now. More random things to come!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Etsy is brimming!

We finally updated our Etsy! No more emptiness and tumbleweeds.

We have also added Etsy-mini to our sidebar so you can get to the shop easier! AdBlock blocks it, so if it's not showing up for you, that may be why. Still, you can get to our shop through the Cutieshack profile.

We've added lots to the shop, more than ever before! Zoidberg, baby cthulu, and much much more, including this little guy inspired by Takochu and Berrysprite!
Berrysprite has a very cute free pattern and tutorial for making little takochu. While my pattern is definitely very inspired by hers, I tried to come up with my own, with my own unique "tentacles" that allow me to fit all 8 in while keeping it cute and small! I can't seem to get their mouths as cute as her takochu mouths are, but maybe it's better that there are differences?

Everyone should check out Berrysprite's blog! It's very cute, and she is a super talented and inspiring person!

And while you're clicking links, why not hop over to the shop for a little look? :D