Friday, 21 September 2012

Hello, bloggy!

It seems I have abandoned our non-existent followers again!

I have been so busy this summer. I thought I would have more time with only work keeping me busy, and not school + studying. I guess I was wrong?

Kevin and I also ran off to Seattle for the last two weeks of summer, before I started University again. We got back literally the day before I started classes!

I forgot to make a post before leaving (AKA I was laaazy), and didn't really have time to when I got back, what with uni starting and all. I'm also the secretary of a club on campus this year, so I'm EXTRA busy! I especially was during the first full week of school. Things are calming down, now, so I finally have time to take photos and make posts!

Here is a Green Tea Bunny I started embarrassingly long ago. I plan to put it up in the shop at some point, even though it's so cute, I really want to keep it!

The bow was seriously the hardest part. Making a bow so small, and then sewing it into a tight area with barely any thread because I failed at leaving a long enough tail.... It's no wonder I procrastinated finishing it for so long.... (´A`。)

I hope you think she's cute!

That's all for now. There are a couple other items I have finished, but I want to spread out my post material since I have so little of it right now....


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Work In Progress - SNAIL


I'm working on a snail. B showed me how to make spirals from this pattern of Twinkie-chan's. I didn't do it quite like how Twinkie-chan does it, however that's where I got the spiral idea. It's very much a work in progress, but I'm very overdue for an update. So!

This is the shell of my snail.  I am really pleased with it, but the whole two colours, each with their own loop thing to crochet with took a bit to get the hang of.

This slightly blurry photo shows the spiral better. The light colour is Waverly's "Antique," it's a sort of dusty rose colour that I really love but have never had the occasion to use. The dark brown is, I believe, another Bernat yarn. The sleeve came off of it ages ago, however, so I have no idea. Bernat makes yarn that I really enjoy working with, but it can be a bit expensive.

This is the colour that I'll be doing the body in. It's Vanna's Choice in Beige. I really like working with Vanna's Choice, even though it makes me feel a bit strange using a yarn endorsed by Vanna White. It's nice and thick, and the colours are really nice.

Here are my three colours together. Aren't they pretty?

I'll be sure to post photos as soon as the snail's done. Hold tight, my adoring public.