Friday, 21 September 2012

Hello, bloggy!

It seems I have abandoned our non-existent followers again!

I have been so busy this summer. I thought I would have more time with only work keeping me busy, and not school + studying. I guess I was wrong?

Kevin and I also ran off to Seattle for the last two weeks of summer, before I started University again. We got back literally the day before I started classes!

I forgot to make a post before leaving (AKA I was laaazy), and didn't really have time to when I got back, what with uni starting and all. I'm also the secretary of a club on campus this year, so I'm EXTRA busy! I especially was during the first full week of school. Things are calming down, now, so I finally have time to take photos and make posts!

Here is a Green Tea Bunny I started embarrassingly long ago. I plan to put it up in the shop at some point, even though it's so cute, I really want to keep it!

The bow was seriously the hardest part. Making a bow so small, and then sewing it into a tight area with barely any thread because I failed at leaving a long enough tail.... It's no wonder I procrastinated finishing it for so long.... (´A`。)

I hope you think she's cute!

That's all for now. There are a couple other items I have finished, but I want to spread out my post material since I have so little of it right now....


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