Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Etsy is brimming!

We finally updated our Etsy! No more emptiness and tumbleweeds.

We have also added Etsy-mini to our sidebar so you can get to the shop easier! AdBlock blocks it, so if it's not showing up for you, that may be why. Still, you can get to our shop through the Cutieshack profile.

We've added lots to the shop, more than ever before! Zoidberg, baby cthulu, and much much more, including this little guy inspired by Takochu and Berrysprite!
Berrysprite has a very cute free pattern and tutorial for making little takochu. While my pattern is definitely very inspired by hers, I tried to come up with my own, with my own unique "tentacles" that allow me to fit all 8 in while keeping it cute and small! I can't seem to get their mouths as cute as her takochu mouths are, but maybe it's better that there are differences?

Everyone should check out Berrysprite's blog! It's very cute, and she is a super talented and inspiring person!

And while you're clicking links, why not hop over to the shop for a little look? :D


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  1. Awww, thanks so much hun! May I just say that I ADORE your blog design... did you draw/color your graphics yourself? They are sooo cute! Also, your crochet zoidberg and tiger are so kawaii! big hugs!