Thursday, 7 July 2011

And another...

So after discovering it yesterday, I have been reading Homegrown Simplicity's blog, and found out she is having another simultaneous giveaway! That is also REALLY EXCITING!

I am moving in with K soon (would have been earlier, except a housemate of his needed to stay for some of the summer). I really like the idea of making my own cleaners, because...
  • They are usually made out of things around the house, so I can make and use them whenever I need to instead of waiting for someone to run to the store.
  • They are less full of carcinogens (yay!)
  • I have skin allergies that make me afraid to touch cleaners sometimes... as well as to use them...
  • It is just nice being able to make your own things :D

So anyways. If you couldn't tell from everything I just said, she is giving away a few things to do with homemade cleaners! I think I love this woman!

Man. Our non-existent followers must not trust me now. I have promised a real update for so long, but keep getting distracted! Ach!

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