Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas was here!

So, Christmas has already come and gone, as well as the end of the last semester of school. Even with finals (which were EXHAUSTING)over, I was still super busy making presents for everyone! I will leave K's presents for him to show you when he next updates. But here is what I gave/made for everyone else!

PLEASE EXCUSE THE AWFUL QUALITY OF THESE PHOTOS. I didn't feel like trying very hard since they aren't for the shop.

For my mom, and eventually for my aunts (haven't sent the package yet), I gave/will give things from our stash of preserved things (most of our stash is pictured here). Some things I gave include sour cherry jam, corn relish, pickled beets, and blackberry jam. Not pictured are watermelon rind pickles I made for my grandpa. My dad's wife also got pickled beets, plus the recipe. Her mother, who is visiting from California, got a jar of spiced cranberry jam. She loves it a bunch, and I've given some to her almost every time I've seen her since I started making and canning it.
Jams, preserves, etc.
My dad and I split the cost of a preserving book for his wife.

For my dad, I bought a couple things. I also made him an amigurumi version of the coffee cup from the Excel gum commercial.
Coffee cup

For my dad's toddler, I made a cat hat. He likes cats a bunch, so maybe he will actually like wearing his hat if it makes him look like a cat?
Cat hat

For our friend, we got another copy of the preserving book we like, and I made her a tiny gingerbread man/girl ornament/brooch from a free pattern/tutorial on Berrysprite's blog. (I sewed a brooch back to it so she could wear it c:).
I also made her a ninja turtle mug warmer. I think I must have left a row out of his bandana or something, but I didn't notice until the VERY end of sewing all the bits on! So it sort of looks like he's wearing glasses.
Leonardo Ninja Turtle Mug Cozy

So that is all, save for K's gifts. But I will show you what he got/made me!
He crocheted me an amineko, and bought me pomegranate jelly, a blue compact umbrella (not pictured), and a super cute mug from Daiso.
Christmas gifts
I took a lot of photos of the amineko... His name is Columbus!
Columbus the amineko
I got some things from other people too. A super cute wreath from my dad's wife and her mom (picture below), a breadmaker and 10kg bag of flour from my dad, and some other things from him, relatives, and K's mum.... Oh, my dad also got me an Old Navy gift card. I bought a new winter jacket and hoodie with it today for super cheap! I love boxing day sales!
Yarn wreath

K got some pretty sweet gifts too, but I am really happy with what I got.

I will post photos of other things I've been working on next week (like things actually related to the shop!). For now, I will leave you with photos of our tiny Christmas tree!
Tiny Christmas tree

P.S. All photos from now own will be brought to you by Cutieshack's new flickr account! Check it out often for extra photos of what we're working on, both merchandise and non-merchandise!

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