Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Crochet Post!

It's New Year's Eve, so this might be a little shorty post. Our working plan here is to update twice a week, with each of us updating once a week each. I've graduated from my undergraduate program and working full-time in the new year, so hopefully that will leave my evenings free to do that.

It's been busy times, so we haven't updated much recently. That will be changing, hopefully. Anyway, as you see in the previous post, I made Nekoyumi a cat for Christmas. She made me a bunch of sweet stuff, as you will soon see, but I just thought I should say that the pattern is from Nekoyama's book "Hello My Name Is Amineko" and it is excellent. I like that book a bunch.

Owl Mug Cozy

This is an owl mug cozy that Nekoyumi made for me for Christmas. It keeps the stuff inside warm, though, admittedly, most of the heat is lost out the top, not the sides. It is still cute, and it keeps me from burning myself on the hot mug. My favourite part is the beak, and the little +-shaped feet.

Carrot Scarf Carrot Scarf

Nekoyumi made me a carrot-shaped scarf as well. It's nice and long, and very warm. I like it a lot, especially the leaves. They're pretty great to play with. I'm not sure how she did them, but they're like a thick rope/cord, I guess. I've been wearing it out and about over the last couple of days, and it keeps the wind off nicely. The other handmade scarves I have are all triple crochet, so the holes in them let the wind in more than I would like.

DS Case DS Case in use

The DSi case that Nekoyumi made me is purple, my favourite colour, with green inside. There are also felt pockets for me to put my games in. It's very squishy, and has snap closures. My previous DSi case was just a canvas Hetalia (Finland) pencil case thing that, while neat, offered very little as far as protection goes. I spilled hot chocolate on it or something, and it's all stained now. I am very glad to have this case for many reasons.

I didn't take pictures of the gifts I made my family, sadly. I will have to do that when I visit in a few weeks. I made my mum a cactus using the first pattern on this page, and I am pleased with how it turned out. I sewed tiny black beads on the ridges as needles, and I think it looks great. I also made her a red-with-white-spots mushroom that I based off of this pattern, but altered it slightly. For my sisters, I made bag-things that they can put change or makeup or something in. The lining was a pain to sew. I'll have to post it later, I guess.


Blue Mushroom Unfinished Eggplant Bird

Above are a blue mushroom that I made a while ago using the pattern I liked above. The eggplant-penguin was an idea that Nekoyumi had that I kind of took and ran with. I'm pleased with the stem, but she thinks that the leaves should be attached to the head better. Maybe next time?

... this didn't turn out to be a shorty post at all. Happy New Year, everyone!


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