Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mint x Pink!

So I have been working with my mint coloured yarn a bunch today and yesterday. Maybe I will post photos of what I am working on soon.... with my super cool ghetto light tent I made with Violet's guest tutorial! I kind of failed at closing the gaps between the paper, though, so there are streaks of light I have to avoid when shooting...

Also, I only had normal 9"x11" printer paper, so it's kind of tiny... Oh well! It's better than nothing!

(10 minutes later...)

I lied!
I feel weird not posting pictures of anything.
Maybe that's because photos are my favourite parts of peoples' blogs?

Firstly, an itty bitty mint jellyfish.... I haven't put his face on yet. I also forgot to squish his head into a normal shape before photographing him. :/

Aaand a pink and mint bow! I have to say, this is one of my favourite colour combos. I can't decide what to do with it though. Brooch? Hair clip? And should I put sprinkles on it? Pom poms?
(Not gonna lie, my pom-pom addiction is definitely caused by looking at Twinkie Chan's adorable crochet stuff... I am definitely regretting not buying this huge bag of pastel pom poms I saw at Michael's a few months ago.)

My cat Luna is twitching in her sleep... She is so cute!


P.S. Really need to get on prettyin' this blog up, huh?

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