Tuesday, 8 January 2013

K's Late Christmas Post

Hi folks!

I know I'm a bit late for this one, but Christmas happened and needs to be blogged about. Needs to. Also, I'll have some work-in-progress photos for my current project. It's going to be good.

First: Christmas gifts from B. Her gifts this year were really great, it made me feel kind of bad. Mine for her were also freakin' awesome this year, though, so maybe not as bad as I originally thought.

This is a pen strap. It goes around your sketch book and holds your writing whatsits in a convenient orange pouch. The cat in a fez button was one I had previously, but I really like it on this thing. I think this is a great idea, because I always tend to fumble with things or forget them.

Lefty. Scissors. Folks, I am left-handed. I've wanted (and looked for) lefty scissors for quite some time. B found me some, and they are lovely. I'm pumped to use them, though I'm already worried about ruining them somehow. The grip is also big enough for my man hands, which is nice, and the blades are made of Adamantium or something.

That beautiful bit of wood is a "spreader." Handmade by a local artist and treated with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax. Last year, I was given a larger version that I use a lot. This one will be great for peanut butter, cheese, whatever I want, really.

This is a cheese set. An hors d'oeuvres set, I suppose, because of the fork. The handles are owls. I like owls a bunch. I was lookin' at these when B and I were at a place, and she sneakybought them for me. I am happy that she did.

This ring was another one of my gifts. I got spoiled. It's a fidget ring, the middle bit spins. I am a particularly hand-fidgety person, so hopefully this can be the focus of that, rather than picking at my cuticles and such. Plus, it's quite pretty.

B made this backpack for me. It's lined and everything. I'm really happy with it! I can use it for lunch or whatever. I'm not in school at the moment, but will hopefully be doing my M.Sc. soon, so I can use it for my Master's stuff like an adult turtle.

And now, my work-in-progress.

I know it doesn't look like much, but I hope that eventually it'll be a tortoise. The spiral bit is going to be the top of its shell, and the cream part will be the bottom. They fit together to make a whole shell, as in the picture below.

I still need to make and attach the legs and head, but I'm happy with it so far. I know their shells aren't spiral, but it seemed like it'd be cute. I started this after my snail, and now that the Christmas cuttlefish is done, I've resumed work on it.

That's it for now.


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