Monday, 14 January 2013

B's SUPER LATE Giant Christmas Post

Hey guys!

So I realize it's a bit late, and I bet you've missed me! (Har har). But here is the long overdue post of Christmas-y goodness!

Also, New Years happened.

My break went by really fast!
But a lot happened during it.

I had a Christmas ornament exchange with some friends of mine in California. 
For friend R, I crocheted a mushroom (because she loves mushrooms!)
From friend R, I got this super awesome little roundy dude with bendy legs.
I love his legs!
I also love that his face matches an ornament I made last year. They're definitely friends now.

Also, I was totally jealous of the mushroom after I made it for friend R, so I made another one for our little tree, as well as for another friend (friend S). She doesn't have a lot of ornaments for her tree, and I was on a mushroom roll, so I made one for her too. I made her a little gingerbread lady last year. Maybe I'll make her a new ornament each year? Who knows? (Thumbs up if you read this, friend S!)

 The mushroom(s) is a modification of a Drops pattern, with pearls hand-sewn on individually in place of crocheted spots. I also embroidered spores onto it. I've considered selling these in our shop because they are super cute, but who knows. I might get sick of all that hand beading. Maybe I'll just post the modifications I made on here one day?

For friend C, I sewed a little felt Samurai helmet beetle. I knew from the start that this is what I wanted to make for friend C. I had to use gigantic dull-ish scissors to cut out teeny tiny little bug legs… out of FELT! The worst enemy of pattern-cutting! It was super hard!
I gave him a scarf later because I felt like he wasn't Christmas'y enough. It's removable, but it makes the ornament a bit fussy. Sorry!
I made the pattern myself, though I might modify it if I make more beetles in the future.

For friend K2 (to differentiate from K, the co-author of this blog!), I wasn't quite sure what I was going to make at first. So I made a weird little cutie UFO alien thing. I really like how it turned out! I am just going to call it a "cutie UFO alien." I really wanted to make one for myself, too, but haven't gotten around to it yet… Also, she might be a bit big for our tiny tree!
 I made the pattern myself… And I may not have written it down… Oops! 
Pom pom cheeks, though!

I crocheted some Christmas gifts this year as well, though maybe not as many as usual (and I'm not even done with all of them! Sorry, mum!). I forgot to take photos of all of them, though, so I will have to post about some of them at later times.

 I made a turtle shell backpack for K.

But you can see photos of it and read more about it here, in K's post.

Okay, I'll post a photo.... Just because I'm pretty proud of the lining. It took forever to do on my dad's sewing machine!
K has a kappa kigurumi that has no pockets, and also he likes turtles and cute things! I'm pretty sure he likes the backpack a bunch. I still have to lengthen the straps (he's a tall dude, and the straps I made weren't long enough), but other than that…. Yay!

The backpack is a modified version of this pattern from Ravelry. I wanted to make it a bit bigger (since K is an adult man type person), so I added a bit to it… But honestly, it made it pretty difficult to sew it all together! Definitely a one of a kind item; if I make this item in the future, I will definitely not be modifying it again.

I also gave K a bunch of other things, like a ring and some kitchen stuff. I hope he was happy.

For the past three years, I've crocheted my dad one of the Excel Gum commercial characters for Christmas. 
The first year, I crocheted the doughnut.

I don't have a photo of the doughnut though...

The second year, I crocheted the coffee cup.
This year, I crocheted the little onion for him.

..... Which I also don't have a photo of.

I will take photos of all three of these dudes next time I visit my dad and post them on the blog.

I like the onion best because of his little legs.

He was surprisingly easy to make, though I didn't get as much detail in as I wanted to. I had plans to embroider his horizontal "stripes", but it looked stupid when I tried, so I didn't do that.

I also bought him some of his favourite alcohol because it's the sort of thing he won't necessarily buy for himself c:

For K's mom, I made some trivets based off of this pattern. I didn't do the lines, really; I just outlined the whole flower, and did the third row in the center with a different colour.

I forgot to take photos though!
I intend to made some for K and I though, so I will post photos if that happens. Or take photos of K's mums' trivets next time I see them.

I also made her a pot holder.
Yes, singular.
For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to only make her one this year. And then I realized that was stupid, so I made a second one for her this year. Now she has a pot holder for each hand! Outstanding!
I forgot to take photos of that, too, so here are some photos of the ones I made for K and I.
I got the pattern from a Japanese crochet pattern book.

This post is getting pretty long.

Oh, but I still have to talk about what K gave me.

He gave me this super awesome t-shirt from Teefury. We both love Adventure Time... And Pokemon. Though I personally definitely love love love Adventure Time more.
He got one for himself too, so now we can be twinsies! 

It wasn't for Christmas, but we got the Portal + cats shirts from Teefury as well.

I will never need to buy shirts again!

K also gave me some nightgowns. One is super cute and light green and adorable, and the other one is black and soft. I'll leave them to your imagination, though.

I keep wearing the green one because it's super comfy and long, and not embarrassing to run around in front of my housemates in.
And it matches some slippers his mum gave me that are also super comfy and adorable. <3

K gave me these skeletal hand tongs that he got from the same place I got his Owl Hors d'oeuvres set *cough Target*.

I love things like this, and will definitely use them year round (despite them being a Halloween item).

He got me these plates online that have super adorable cat faces on them! I feel really bad because they were money-ful..... But they are super cute and I've been coveting them for a while, so I was super happy to receive them!!! I can't wait until we have our own house so I can set them out and/or use them.

And last but not least, K made me something as well. It's inspired by a hat we saw at a craft fair around here. I tried it on and it was super cute, but also super expensive. It was crocheted and then felted , so K found out where the lady got her wool and felt, and went and got some himself and replicated the hat for me. I love it! I love chickens! Did you know that?!
Add some candy into the mix (some delicious chocolate from the Dutch store here!) and that's all the stuff K gave me.

I got some other cool presents, too, like an indoor greenhouse. I'm really excited to use it! And I think K is too, since I got him those hot pepper seeds for his birthday. Can't wait for summer when we can grow things again!

We spent New Years at a friend's house. There was a party at our house, but I'm becoming less and less fond of loudy-drunky-parties with biggo crowds. Not that other people can't appreciate them! I'm just an old lady at heart. But we had fun. At cheese and crackers and tzatziki and other tasty stuff, and then lit some fireworks out in the snow. Good times.

That's it for now I guess! Yay super long post! If you read this far, good for you!


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