Monday, 12 November 2012

K's Mundane Monday Post

I'm hopping on board with this Mundane Monday post, with the other feature things still upcoming.

I guess the idea is to write about my day. Today I mostly relaxed, since this past week has been so crazy. There was a craft show at the University I used to attend, so, through some friends, I got a position to work as a staff member there. Monday and Tuesday were spent cleaning the areas where the show was happening and preparing for the artisans to arrive.  They arrived on Wednesday, and we spent much of the day moving all of their stuff in. The show ran from Thursday until Sunday, when we had to undo three days of work (Monday to Wednesday) in one.

Overall, it was really fun. Definitely lots of work, especially moving the artisans in and out. During the show the staff just sort of walk around and make sure everything's going fine, and watch the artisans' booths when they need to take a pee/coffee break or whatever. The artisans were mostly all nice, with a few people I liked less, but that's life. I made a few artisan friends, and got some free stuff from them as a reward for working hard and being great.

Free stuff acquired:
- handmade shave soap
- gourmet cucumber vinegar
- beeswax lip balm
- creamed honey
- a piece of turned wood

Something that happened today: mum sent me this photo of the squid I crocheted a while back. Apparently the kid I made it for likes it a bunch, and her mum likes it as well. That's a great thing to see. I like when my work is appreciated.

Uh, I guess that's it for now.


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