Friday, 22 February 2013

Free Pattern Friday - Mushroom Pouch


It's been a bit. I don't have an excuse. Today is going to be a Free Pattern day, where I highlight a free pattern from someone else's site that I really like.

This week, it's the mushroom pouch from Click here to see it. I really like this pattern for a number of reasons:

1. Mushrooms are cute
2. Pouches are occasionally useful.
3. The flip-top on this pouch is kind of inconspicuous, so you're like a secret mushroom spy.

Using buttons as spots on this looks terrific, and makes the button you use to actually close the flap basically unnoticeable. I really super like this idea. I haven't made this myself yet, but it is certainly going to be my next project. I'm still working on that tortoise, somehow. I've been caught up in other things. Mostly video games.

Maybe I will talk about video games next time I don't have anything to post.


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