Thursday, 13 December 2012

More cephalopod goodness.


After seeing the squid I made for my friend's baby, one of my mother's co-workers asked me to make a cuttlefish for her son. I was happy to, because cuttlefish are my favourite cephalopod. I saw some dwarf cuttlefish at the Seattle Aquarium when I was there, and have loved them ever since. One of them was swimming and accidentally bumped into one who wasn't paying attention. Both of them were spooked and it was the cutest thing in the universe.

This one's mine.

When B asked me to take photos of it for the blog, this was the first thing that came to mind. I'm not sure why. I ate some particularly horrifying curry seafood udon in Vancouver  BC once. It had, like, quartered baby octopuses and tiny whole clams and stuff in it; I was thoroughly put off of non-fish seafood for life. I know people like that sort of thing, but I kept thinking about the tiny, cute, smart baby octopuses. I guess it's different when they're just strips of meat. Boy, that got dark quick.

On the plus side, the cuttlefish got to have a cup of coffee with Columbus. THEIR MUGS MATCH THEM. I was more pleased about that then I should probably admit. Weird striped cat mug and sea creature mug. Hah! Also, my table looks tremendously orange in this, for some reason. I didn't even manipulate the photo that much. So strange.


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