Saturday, 8 December 2012

Free Pattern Friday: Twinkie Chan and "Plinky’s Favorite Cotton Candy Christmas Tree Ornament!"

Hey guys!

This was meant for yesterday, but I totally forgot in my whirlwind of procrastination and studying.
(It's exam week, but my next exam isn't until Monday, which means I'm still in "It's not that close" mode.)

So. A new addition to our blogs features! Free pattern Friday! For this feature, on Fridays K or I will be featuring on cute free crochet patterns we've found randomly (maybe not every Friday. But with today as an exception, only Fridays!)

I actually did one of these a couple of weeks ago, but immediately after I made the blog post, the person whose pattern I posted a link to deleted there blog! Ah! I was super disappointed, because I really liked her. And, while she kept some of her other online media, her blog was the one with all the super cute crochet patterns!

Alas, I guess this happens and we just have to mourn the loss and carry on.

So this week, I wanted to feature a pattern from someone I am *fairly sure* won't be leaving ANY TIME SOON!

In case you don't know who she is (Who doesn't, amirite?), she is a cutie designer from the land of San Francisco. She makes a lot of food themed stuff, which I can definitely get behind! She is amazing at crocheting, and totally inspired me to actually try selling my crocheted thangs. And while I'm no where near as popular as her (nor have I sold very much yet) I still have hope…. Thanks to her!

I am so excited to make some of these when I am done with exams! They can go on my tiny tree with my popcorn garland that I ALSO MADE FROM A PATTERN OF HERS! I bought it from here Etsy store (here
), but I don't see it there right now. (I also made K the carrot scarf from her book for Christmas last year).
I might have to shrink them a little to get them to fit, but it will happen! Oh yes!

We will post photos of our tree soon. I want to make more ornaments for it first!

Have fun crocheting!


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